SAFE to DC: Please fix this problem

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Like it or not, the government's fiscal problem isn't being successfully addressed. To the contrary, our political leaders have been treating deficits and debt as a minor matter and the American public doesn't seem to be paying attention. One might describe the prevailing mindset as budget-deficit disorder.

Is there a cure for BDD? SAFE member Jim Thomen suggested otherwise in a recent note.

As for the Federal Gov't and our debt, elected officials are not going to change until some financial disaster occurs. I think all that we can do is keep beating the drum so that the disaster, when it occurs, will be recognized for what it is and addressed sooner rather than later.

Maybe so, but a lot of grief could be saved if the disaster was averted in the first place. So with the "see something, say something" principle in mind, we reached out over the weekend to some key players in the drama that is unfolding.

Printed on SAFE letterhead, the letters were limited to one page and signed by yours truly. The goal was pitches tailored to the addressees, which might cause them (or at least their staff members) to
actually read some of the materials that SAFE generates.

The letters were sent by USPS, which may make them stand out from mere faxes or e-mails. Delivery delays are likely due to the screening procedures for mail addressed to public officials, but the letters aren't time critical.

Electronic versions of the letters are posted on-line, providing convenient access and functional links to the underlying materials. Here's a list - enjoy.

President Donald Trump (response at end)
House Speaker Paul Ryan
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
Senator Tom Carper
Senator Chris Coons
Representative Kevin Brady
Budget Director Mick Mulvaney

What will result from these letters? No telling, this effort is basically an experiment, but any noteworthy responses will be duly reported.


#Spending cuts would be nice, but they are probably impossible due to the stalling follies available to the left. The only hope for the GOP is to go nuclear and use its slim majority in the Senate to force lower spending by the budget process. - SAFE director

Comment: For such a strategy to work, Republicans would have to get serious about spending cuts - and they are not there at the moment. All SAFE can do is to keep urging both sides to turn around before it's too late - as we did in the eight letters.

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