From country music to the cosmos

Are we having fun yet? The premise of this expression is commonly understood to be that the person(s) concerned shouldn’t expect to have any fun because the goals they are pursuing aren’t realistically attainable. And that applies in politics as well as in other areas of endeavor.

As liberals (aka progressives) see it, they are the people inclined to experiment with new things and build a better future while conservatives defend the status quo. Surely, they are the ones having fun, while the “stick in the mud” conservatives are fighting a losing battle. Never the twain shall meet,

Conservatives are quite open to change in some cases, however, while liberals seem unduly concerned about keeping some things the way they are. Despite the fact that the Earth’s climate has been changing for billions of years and will continue to do so, for example, liberals advocate massive and costly investments that would supposedly combat global warming. And liberals seem a good deal less interested in expanding the economic pie than they are in redistributing it.

This being the holiday season, however, let’s focus on the positive. A series of examples follows of people engaged in creative, life-affirming activities. They seem to be having fun, and many of them are conservatives. Enjoy!

I. Family values – Guess who most of the audience at this country music concert supported in the last presidential election. “That’s what it’s all about, Brooks & Dunn, video (3:50), (skip ad).

II. Private property – US courts do a decent job of protecting individual liberties against government infringement, but they have shown less zeal about protecting property rights. And when private citizens attempt to sue a government bureaucracy with far greater resources, it’s not a fair fight. The Pacific Legal Foundation has helped to level the playing field in some cases, such as in this egregious example that is being appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court. Michigan county steals house for $8 debt,, 12/4/17.

III. Education – Unlike most of their counterparts, Hillsdale College accepts no government funding – and here’s why. Too bad that others don’t follow their example, it might help to improve the quality and curb the skyrocketing costs of higher education. Not one penny, video (1:49).

IV. Patriotism – Snowy weather didn’t dampen the crowd’s appreciation as the combined glee clubs of the two service academies sang the national anthem at the 2017 Army-Navy Game. What a stark contrast to the “take a knee” demonstrations in the National Football League., video (2:31) (short ad).

V. The American republic – Armed with the knowledge that many once great states have fallen due to fiscal imprudence and declining morality, suggests former Senator Tom Coburn, the US may be able to “cheat history.” Let’s hope that he’s right. Coburn advocates Convention of States project at Michigan rally (potentially the 13th of the 34 states required),, video (2:26), published 11/8/17.

VI. One world – Musicians converge in the town square, first a man playing a double bass, then a woman playing a cello, and soon many more. They strike up the Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which grows in volume and sophistication as more instruments and eventually voices join in, to the delight of both young and old. Banco Sabadell,, video (5:40).

VII. The cosmos –The excitement created by the Apollo manned space program is reprised in historical footage that older Americans still remember. And then the narrator relates how curiosity has driven inquiring minds to look far beyond our world, with amazing results. President’s weekly address, 3/25/17, video (4:44).

With that, dear readers, we wish you and yours all the joys of the holiday season. The next entry will be posted in early 2018.
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