A few more victories like the American Rescue Plan and this country will be in real trouble

What's worse than a $1.9 trillion spending plan that isn't really needed? Try some of these ideas on for size.

First, the Trump border policies that had been put in place during the past four years were apruptly ended on Inauguration Day - on grounds that a continuing influx of immigrants from south of the border was a healthy development. Never mind where the would-be entrants were coming from, never mind whether they would actually make a constructive contribution to the US economy, never mind whether they were healthy (an estimated 10% were suffering from COVID), never mind whether their legal asylum claims were valid, and whether once scheduled for eventual hearing they would actually show up. Sorry, but it would seemingly have made a lot more sense to keep the border closed and expect the new arrivals to remain in Mexico until their hearing dates came up.

GOP claims that the new ground rules constituted a crisis were stoutly denied; it would only be admitted that the situation was challenging - but it didn't taken long from the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) to be put in charge of the situation. Additionally, there wasn't any decent housing for the unaccompanied minors that were showing up at the border, nor any legal warrant for holding these apparently stateless individuals - leading pretty clearly to the conclusion that they would released to move around the country within a few days of arrival. And lest we forget, the "human traffickers" supporting this effort (aka "coyotes") were bringing in vast quantities of illicit drugs while Border Patrol forces were being effectively reassigned to childcare duties?

Did we mention that the House Democrat's passed the so-called Pro Act last week. Pro Act called most important labor legislation in several generations, Levi Sumagaysay, Pro act,
3/10/21. Perhaps this legislation can be fended off in the Senate, time will tell, but that's far from certain.

Additional spending bills are envisioned, e.g., infrastructure, and new green energy subsidies, and it's being speculated that the current administration may push through the first major tax increase in 30 years. Biden is planning first major tax increase in 30 years, Jack Davis, Westernjournal.com,

Also of concern is HR-1, the top voting priority of House Democrats, which could effectively wipe out traditional voting rights by federalizing the existing voting system. Unrestricted rights to mail-in voting, elimination of requirements for proving voting ID, etc. Not that the the US Supreme Court and other courts will necessarily go along with these ideas, but so far SCOTUS haven't been showing a great deal of sustained interest in the matter. Voting rights at the Supreme Court, WSJ, 2/28/21.

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