SAFE Strategies

“Hope is not a strategy,” as the saying goes, so we keep looking for strategies that fiscal visionaries can use to advantage.  Here are some basic principles that may prove helpful.

A. Be proactive - simply resisting (let alone seeking to reverse) change is not effective, people are looking for new ideas.

B. Know your audience - it's a fallacy to believe people can be won over simply by "educating them," one has to understand where they are coming from

C. Accentuate the positive - instead of harping on the need to reduce the deficit, for example, make the case that tax increases could be avoided by eliminating government units, programs or activities that aren't worth the cost.

D. Be persistent - there is considerable resistance to the policies that SAFE advocates, so don't be surprised if arguments are rarely won on the first try.

E. Influence powerful people - if SAFE's advocacy efforts have fallen short in this respect, it's not for lack of trying.

F. Aim higher - understand the root causes of problems, find new ways to attack them.

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