Torture or drone killing, which is worse? (Martin)

I’m curious why President Bush and the CIA have come under fire for conducting enhanced interrogations – and the subject lives. At the same time, President Obama is being praised for conducting drone air strikes, which kills the terrorists and often collateral victims. I wonder how the world judges these two techniques of fighting terrorism.

If the latter technique is seen as worse, than maybe it makes a mockery of the release of the report by Senator Feinstein (the report cost $40 million to compile!). She should go after Obama, which would cost far less.

By the way, the quality of the report is highly suspect since none of the CIA participants were interviewed for their side of the story. The report was driven primarily by Democrats in the Senate.

It’s a shame that so many American lives and cooperating friends lives will be put in jeopardy as result of the release of this biased report. Senator Feinstein, why did you do it? It sure looks like a purely partisan action.

R. Jerry Martin
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