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7/27/14 – Halbig decision was quite proper, and IRS was out of line in granting tax credits for insurance policies purchased on federal exchanges. (Whipple)

7/6/14 – Column by former senator Ted Kaufman fails to show any “climate crisis” that would justify the EPA’s  Clean Power Plan. (Inskip)

6/29/14 – Draconian regulation of fossil fuel created particulate matter (PM 2.5) is hard to reconcile with decriminalizing marijuana. (Nichols column)

6/6/14 – We disagree with complaints that the political parties have become too ideological; the real danger is public apathy.  (Whipple)

5/14/14 – The doctrine of “sustainability” is not science-based, and it could do great harm to our economy.  (Nichols column)

4/28/14 – Power plant included in the Newark Data Center is actually a major plus, not a negative as naysayers claim.  (Nichols column)

4/24/14 – The Data Center power plant will be far superior to producing the electric power required with Bloom Energy fuel cells. (Greer)

4/1/14 – Government initiatives are often promoted by minimizing or ignoring the costs involved, aka “bootstrap economics.” (Whipple)

2/16/14 – Let’s not trade this country’s political heritage for a mess of socialist potage. (Thomen)

2/1/14 – Average global temperatures have not risen since 1998, presenting a bit of a problem for global warming alarmists. (Whipple)

1/28/14 – A recent column by Rep. John Carney notwithstanding, Social Security is an inseparable component of the fiscal problem. (Whipple)

1/27/14 – CO2 is a minor component of the Earth’s atmosphere, which could hardly be the prime driver of climate change. (Day)

1/19/14 – The administration’s zeal for supporting the Constitution has not always been apparent, especially when it comes to supporting the Second Amendment right of citizens to “keep and bear arms.” (Venema)

12/18/13 – Elaborate protocols and a lavish budget won’t save public schools; give principals and administrators more authority. (Thomen)

11/26/13 – Ted Kaufman column missed the point by decrying sequestration without acknowledging the obvious alternative. (Whipple)

11/16/13 – There should be an open debate, and the scientific evidence amply supports skepticism of the manmade global warming theory. (Greer)

10/28/13 – Common Core is the latest in a series of federal education initiatives, and like the others it won’t work. (Thomen)

10/2/13 – NJ editorial about “another stupid, partisan and useless budget crisis” was hopelessly one-sided. (Venema)

10/1/13Republicans deserve credit for standing up in the budget showdown, their position was quite reasonable. (Whipple)

9/29/13 – Global warming has not just slowed down in the last 15 years, as the NJ belatedly reported, but essentially stopped. (Alvarez)

9/26/13 – If the budget showdown is fairly viewed, the GOP’s demands – including a delay in GovCare implementation - make sense. (Whipple)

7/29/13 – Jury verdict in the Zimmerman case was supported by the evidence. (Kenton)

7/26/13 – Cartoon blaming Congress for all the problems in Washington was not funny, nor did the auto industry cause the Detroit bankruptcy. (Whipple)

7/15/13 – The president’s 2008 promise to “fundamentally transform America” was more than campaign rhetoric – and dangerous. (Venema)

6/16/13 – History of global temperature changes suggests no need to panic about a current warming trend. (Morris)

6/6/13 – Encouraging limited use of electric power, with preference for “renewable” energy, will mean frequent rate increases. (Nichols, column)

5/15/13 – The president et al. are scrambling to deflect blame for the Benghazi fiasco, and thus far the media has let them do it. (Venema)

5/8/13Federal funding of education has been counterproductive; it’s time to reassess established programs vs. creating new ones. (Thomen)

4/26/13 – Heightened concerns about nuclear power plant safety are not justified. (Morris)

4/18/13 – The goal should be to balance the federal budget, not nibble away at the deficit. (Whipple)

4/17/13 – This is no time to go wobbly in the budget debate, what was Krauthammer thinking? (Whipple)

3/22/13 – Some US politicians are acting like the government leaders in Cyprus; Americans should confront them and say “enough.” (Venema)

3/14/13 – China is slashing gov’t funding for solar panel manufacturers; perhaps US should follow China’s example. (Martin)

3/8/13There are many opportunities for targeted spending cuts, e.g., OSHA and Head Start, etc. (Thomen)

3/5/13 – Right to bear arms is a personal decision, and some people will not be inclined to do so. (Kenton)

2/25/13 – Pruning the low hanging fruit will not solve the fiscal problem, but it’s a great place to get started. (Morris)

2/2/13 – Failure to cover federal court rejection of the president’s “recess” appointments showed partisan bias. (Whipple)

1/29/13 – Far from upholding the Constitution, the president seems to view it as an obstacle to his agenda. (Venema)

1/17/13 – Middle class will pay for failure to cut spending, taxing the “rich” will never raise enough money. (Thomen)

1/16/13 – Government deregulation of the financial services industry did not cause the financial crisis of 2008 – it was crony capitalism. (Morris)

1/13/13 – News Journal has exaggerated sea level rise along the Delaware coast, which is taking place at about 1/8 of an inch per year. (Greer)

12/15/12The vice president’s recent column about raising tax rates on high earners was misleading. (Thomen)

12/10/12It’s time to put politics aside and deal with the “fiscal cliff” on an intelligent basis. (Whipple, column)

11/28/12 – A reworked version of the 11/19 letter re hiking tax rates on high earners, etc. ran in the Delaware State News. (Morris)

11/24/12 – Delaware should reject federal funds for Medicaid and also stop bribing firms to invest here. (Morris)

11/20/12 – Bloom Energy subsidy was structured to be “consistent and predictable,” meaning there is no way out. (Nichols, guest column)

11/19/12 – Hiking tax rates on high earners would be counterproductive; other answers to the “fiscal cliff” are needed. (Morris)

10/2/12 – The federal government consumes too much of our society’s resources; let’s gradually reduce its spending and control. (Thomen)

9/10/12 – Political conventions serve a valid function, and the RNC was not – as implied by a News Journal editorial – a bunch of hot air. (Whipple)

9/9/12 – Bloom Energy is creating a job in Mumbai, India to supervise technicians and engineers in a “characterization lab.” (Nichols)

8/24/12 – There is no scientific basis for forced reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, and they would do real economic harm.  (Legates, guest column)

8/19/12 – Serious scientists agree that Dr. Hansen’s attempt to link extreme weather events to human activity is simply propaganda.  (Greer)

8/16/12 – The efforts of Dr. James E. Hansen to prove the man-made global warming theory with statistics were not credible. (Towe)

7/26/12 – Slammed vitriolic response to a Beck/Craig column on why  “Obamacare’s negatives outweigh the positives.” (Whipple)

7/23/12 – There are some big holes in the theory that man-made CO2 is causing global warming.  (Morris)

7/20/12 – Questions expansion of Delaware’s Medicaid program on assumption that “the bankrupt federal government” will pay for it. (Morris)

7/19/12 – Accretion of power in Washington has accelerated under the current president, and that’s not good. (Venema)

7/19/12 – Ted Kaufman’s column blaming Wall Street for the housing bubble and financial crisis was simplistic and ideological. (Thomen)

7/18/12 – Comment on Harvard Magazine’s current issue re “America’s Damaged Democracy,” with a link to our detailed critique. (Whipple)

6/26/12 – “Fast and Furious” operation was fatally flawed, and Congress must get to the bottom of things. (Fasig)

6/20/12Bloom Energy claims for its fuel cells are provably misleading. (Greer)

6/10/12 – TV networks show bias by playing up Romney’s wealth when they have not done so for rich candidates from the other party. (Kenton)

5/31/12 – Nothing will happen about “debt crisis” unless and until American public demands action; leadership is desperately needed.  (Morris)

5/30/12 – The key to real educational reform is to reverse the drive for ever more centralized control. (Thomen)

5/5/12 – Never mind the talk about rebooting the economy first, it’s imperative to start cutting spending now. (Whipple)

4/25/12 – Claims that ocean acidification due to rising CO2 level could have disastrous consequences are untrue. (Greer)

4/9/12 – CO2 has gotten a bad rap through skillful propaganda backed by the output from arbitrary computer models.  (Morris)

4/8/12 – The president could be doing things to promote lower gasoline prices over time, but he has not chosen to do so. (Martin)

4/7/12 – The Obama Administration has fostered bigger, more intrusive, more costly government. (Venema)

4/6/12 – House budget represents major improvement over the president’s budget and deserves serious consideration. (Whipple)

4/6/12 – Intermittent renewable energy sources detract from the reliability of the grid; their use can lead to forced conservation.  (Nichols)

4/2/12 – States could be part of the solution to the fiscal problem by demanding fewer federal grants and asserting more independence. (Morris)

4/2/12 – Increase in CO2 results from global warming, which releases CO2 dissolved in seawater, rather rising CO2 driving global warming. (Morris)

3/31/12 – The rising level of CO2 in the atmosphere has been beneficial; the EPA’s pollutant label is ridiculous. (Alvarez)

3/19/12 – Senator Ted Kaufman’s column blaming the subprime mortgage/ housing bubble on Wall Street left out a lot. (Thomen)

3/15/12 – Newark Charter results show it’s beating the public schools hands down; no wonder parents want a charter high school. (Mink)

3/12/12 – No basis for claim that “cellulosic biofuels” have potential as a practical and affordable motor fuel. (Day)

2/27/12 – On balance, global climate has been warming – but the evidence does not show this trend is due to manmade CO2 emissions. (Morris)

2/11/12 – Fiscal problem is enormous, and if we don’t make some sacrifices now the result will be hyperinflation later. (Morris)

2/3/12 – Time for Congress to approve a budget and overhaul the tax system instead of continuing to dither while the economy burns.  (Whipple)

1/24/12 – Delaware School reform envisioned by Vision 2015 study will be easier said than done.  (Venema)

1/8/12 – Rebuts attempts to paint climate realists as “deniers.” (Day)

12/17/11 - The attempt to blame the recession on the Bush tax cuts is illogical and intellectually dishonest. (Martin)

12/14/11 – At both state and national levels, lower taxes and red tape for businesses would help to create jobs; spending must also be cut. (Morris)

11/26/11 – Like any other politician, the president should be held accountable for his values, ideas, and accomplishments. (Venema)

11/24/11 – The Senate should either (A) approve the House budget (passed in April), or (B) offer its own budget proposal for consideration. (Whipple)

10/26/11 – Congress must come up with bold action for deficit reduction, and the American public must be willing to accept some sacrifices. (Morris)

10/26/11 – Former Senator Ted Kaufman overlooked government actions leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, simply blamed large banks. (Oertel)

10/21/11  -  EPA proposals could seriously harm the economy for negligible environmental benefits; they need to be stopped. (Morris)

9/26/11 – Point out some eminent scientists who do not regard the man-made global warming theory as “incontrovertible.” (Towe)

9/23/11 – Column critiques Bloom Energy deal and urges Delawareans to attend the PSC public comment sessions next week. (Nichols)

9/19/11 – Goal of the Deficit Reduction Committee is not nearly enough: bolder action will be needed including regulatory reform. (Morris)

9/18/11 – Subsidizing Bloom Energy deal to the tune of $70 million does not make sense; politicians should have stayed home. (Jurgensen)

9/9/11 – It is time for serious action on the fiscal problem, e.g., prune entitlements, turn Medicaid over to the states, and slash job-killing regulations. (Morris)

9/9/11 – No evidence that high earners are not paying their “fair share,” so calls to raise their taxes (and no one else’s) are hypocritical. (Kenton)

9/6/11 – Suggests similarity between giveaway spending programs, diversion of Social Security funds, and riots in the UK. (Venema)

8/26/11 – New chair of Energy Taskforce Advisory Board is also working to establish a Delaware Chapter of Interfaith Power & Light; this illustrates quasi-religious basis of push for “renewable energy.” (Nichols)

8/25/11 – Commented on deficit “stats” (blame it on Bush, give current president a pass) in a Delaware Voice column.  (Whipple)

8/21/11 – Re: recent column (AARP state director), points out the magnitude of unfunded future liabilities for senior “entitlements.” (Alvarez)

8/13/11 – The money in the Social Security Trust Fund is gone, and what do we have to show for it?  (Mink)

7/20/11 – Libertarian thinking is the key to solving deficit problem.  Cut spending now and then keep doing it; eliminate all but the most important business regulations; honor the spirit of the 10th Amendment.  (Morris)

7/19/11 – CO2 link to global warming has been over done, and it makes sense to cancel expensive and ineffective alternative energy programs. (Day)

7/11/11 – Americans must be vigilant in protecting the Constitution, forget about “political correctness,” or it may not survive. (Venema)

7/8/11 – Far bigger spending cuts are needed than have been proposed thus far in negotiations over raising the debt limit. (Whipple)

6/24/11 – Response to those who claim that the path to fiscal salvation should include raising taxes on “greedy corporations.” (Alvarez)

6/22/11 – Comment on the “patently absurd” Bloom Energy fuel cell proposal.  (Jurgensen)

5/31/11 – Column re history of countywide school districts in northern New Castle County: forced busing was a misguided and costly mistake. (Venema)

5/29/11 – By blaming current economic problems on insufficient government “stimulus,” a recent column departed from “significant economic reality.” (Jurgensen)

5/6/11 – Capacity factor for solar panels shown to be 14%, making clear that solar power is no solution – it is a problem.  (Nichols)

4/30/11 – Solar panels are uneconomic, don’t forget interest on government subsidies. (Alvarez)

4/23/11 – The president’s FY 2012 budget was irresponsible, and his rebuttal of the Ryan Plan sharply partisan. Never mind the rhetoric about stopping “the political games,” a vigorous debate is overdue.  (Whipple)

4/3/11 – European cuts in “green” energy subsidies should help to reduce unsustainable deficits; US might profit from their example. (Day)

3/27/11 – Advocates cut in current Social Security benefits as demonstration of citizen resolve to support government spending cuts in all areas.  (Morris)

3/19/11 – Response to letter claiming that fiscal stimulus (for World War II) ended the Great Depression.  (Martin)

2/28/11 – Response to UD professor Saul Hoffman’s critique of GOP spending cut proposals.  (Whipple)

1/28/11 – Rebuttal of letter attacking climate change “deniers” as misinformed babblers.  (Alvarez)

1/16/11 – The global warming scare is being used to justify a “clean energy boondoggle; see SAFE slideshow for more information.  (Whipple)

1/16/11 – The best way to “create jobs” is to let the free market work, as shown by the successful non-response to the 1920-21 recession.  (Morris)

12/23/10 – The “tax cut” deal provides a window of opportunity to address the fiscal problem; it can and will accomplish little by itself. (Whipple)

12/14/10 – Give up “free” services and “entitlements,” promote economic growth to bolster government revenues vs. raising taxes (Morris).

10/16/10 – Americans need to wake up about the fiscal problem, accept discomfort now to avoid severe pain later (Morris) 

10/15/10 – Some suggestions for the Fiscal Commission (Whipple)

9/5/10 – Downsize the government and start repaying debt before the ship of state founders (Morris)

8/20/10 – 1983 fix of Social Security was supposed to last 75 years, but $2 trillion got hijacked (Whipple)

7/20/10 – Historical experience shows stimulus spending promotes growth of the government, but not the economy (Martin)

6/28/10  -  As part of the efforts to avert hyperinflation, the states should assume full responsibility for Medicaid (Morris)

6/8/10 – Environmentalists have contributed to the BP oil spill, rising oil imports, and other energy problems (Kenton)

5/23/10 – Time to face the music and radically cut federal government spending (Morris)

4/22/10 – Low-level nuclear radiation is not dangerous; it may actually be beneficial (Morris)

4/16/10 – Offer of some offshore “exploration” for “cap and tax” legislation rings hollow (Kenton)

4/10/10 – Continuing calls for the repeal of GovCare are perfectly reasonable, not “destructive partisan wallowing” (Whipple)

2/1/10 – News Journal news coverage overstates global warming case, including an egregious error in recent article (Whipple)

1/21/10 – CO2 is not a “pollutant,” manmade global warming theory has been rejected by many, and most people are not willing to pay extra for high-cost renewable energy. (Martin)

1/6/10 – Debunks claims that (1) global warming is bad, and (2) mankind is causing it by burning fossil fuels (Morris)

12/5/09 – Due to “urban heat island effect,” surface temperature readings can give a false indication of global warming. (Dorsch)

11/4/09 – Commented on “Real people for real health reform” column that appeared on 10/17 in the News Journal (Whipple)

10/25/09 – Noted higher profile coverage of a 12-person demonstration in favor of GovCare than of the March on Washington (Oertel)

9/18/09 – Refuting exaggerated claims of a global warming activist (Morris)

9/8/09 – A plea for Senate to stop the Waxman-Markey “cap and tax” bill. (Kenton)

8/24/09 – Analysis of the president’s rhetoric on fiscal responsibility, underscoring importance of walking the talk. (Whipple)

7/27/09 – Time for a Plan B on healthcare reform; proposals under consideration would make things worse. (Jurgensen)

7/25/09 – Electricity needed; reliance on windmills and solar panels would guarantee blackouts (Morris)

6/8/09 – Higher taxes can’t make healthcare plan affordable (Whipple)

2/13/09 – Don’t interfere with free markets (Morris)

10/20/08 – CO2 not a major cause of global warming (Morris)

8/18/08 – Alternatives for cutting healthcare costs (Whipple)

8/17/08 – I.O.U.S.A. has a crucial message (Morris)

7/31/08 – Energy business will run fine on its own (Morris)

4/1/08 – Voters should demand candor about fiscal problems (Whipple)

12/23/07 – Critique of Al Gore slide show on global warming (Morris)

11/1/07 – Action needed, an independent commission to study the fiscal problem is not enough (Morris)

3/12/07 – Time to amend the Constitution to require a balanced budget (McClain)

3/1/07 – Federal grant to replenish sand at Bethany Beach should be condemned, not praised (Morris)

1/24/07 – Urges big cuts in government grant programs citing Chris Edwards book (Fasig)

1/19/07 – Time for tough choices on entitlement programs reinforcing David Walker comments (Martin)

1/11/07 – Reducing the use of earmarks is a drop in the bucket (McClain)

12/11/06 – Our political leaders have been ignoring the elephant in the living room, the retirement of the baby boomers (Dorsch)

12/5/06 – Federal grant programs spawn bureaucracy and dilute accountability (Boughhton)

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