Has slide to Socialism stopped? (Thomen)

This past mid-term election may have been a watershed election. I have watched America for 70 years gradually slide toward Socialism and its failed economics. Under President Obama, this slide has accelerated to a full avalanche resulting in six years of anemic economic performance and hence the stagnation of middle class prosperity, which has been the American beacon to the world. No other economy has produced the growth in well-being of its citizens – [thanks to] private property, rule of law, and minimum involvement of government, in short, free enterprise. We have seen the opposite of this success story these last six years in which government has significantly increased its “take” of America’s bounty to the detriment of the average American. As government grows so does the industry that manipulates government policy to its benefit, leaving less for the rest of us. F. A. Hayek explained this process very thoroughly in his book, “The Road to Serfdom.” We are seeing the early stages of this downhill road played out before our very eyes today.

To make a medical analogy, the patient has been recognized as being sick – invaded by a sickening bug, virus, vector, or pathogen for which the body does not produce enough antibodies. Enter the inoculation that assists the body to overcome these disease pathogens. Maybe, just maybe, the electorate has [awoken] to the Socialism disease that is dragging us down and is ready to reject the idea that government is the solution to our problems, when, in reality, government is a major source of our problems. Just maybe, the last election is the inoculation necessary to return America to its former productivity and greatness. We can always hope!

James R. Thomen

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