Another amendment process (Martin)

In Harry Themal’s column on Feb. 27, he com­pared the amending process for the Delaware Con­stitution and the US Constitution. The Delaware process is rather simple as it only involves the mem­bers of the General Assembly. Themal described only one method of amending the US Constitution – one involving members of Congress. There is anoth­er method, commonly called Article V, Convention of States.

The second method prescribed is for a Constitu­tional Convention to be called by two-thirds of the legislatures of the states, and for that convention to propose one or more amendments. These amend­ments are then sent to the states to be approved by three-fourths of the legislatures or conventions. This route has never been taken.

There is an active national program underway right now to call such a convention. Possible amend­ments include mandatory balanced budget, clar­ification of “the Commerce Clause,” term limits for Senators, Representatives, and members of the Judiciary, and members of Congress would be sub­jected to the same laws and regulations as all other citizens. Delaware has yet to vote to call such a con­vention. Hopefully it will happen this session.

I fully support Themal’s praise of Judge Randy Holland and his body of work.

R. Jerry Martin
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