A dubious legacy (Thomen)

President Obama continues the destruction of America both abroad and at home. The distortions of Obamacare continue to rumble through the healthcare industry resulting in larger and larger healthcare organizations as consolidation of the industry takes place. Monopolistic and cozy capitalism follow to the detriment of average Americans. Similarly, banks have become even larger than they were before Dodd-Frank with equally undesirable results. We are now in the sixth year of the slowest economic recovery on record since the Great Depression. It should not surprise anyone that as Obama’s government grows the economy loses vigor and therefore does not produce the job growth that is normally associated with the end of a recession and the subsequent recovery. He has repeatedly ignored the Congress; he has willfully failed to enforce laws passed by Congress, stretching executive powers beyond their historic limits. For example, he declared Congress in “recess” in order to make illegal appointments that the courts later ruled unconstitutional. [The Supreme Court’s decision in the recess appointment case was 9-0.] Abroad, he has failed to adequately protect the democratic government of Ukraine; he has brought forth, without consultation with Congress, an agreement with Iran that provides Iran with a clear pathway to the atomic bomb; he has failed in Syria and is in the process of failing in Iraq.

Enough is enough! The elections of 2016 cannot come too soon.

James R. Thomen

In coming months, we hope Americans will demand meaningful answers from the candidates as to where they stand on these and other issues. See SAFE’s letter to presidential candidates (of any party), 6/9/15.
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