The minimum wage is about politics (Whipple)

Is the News Journal becoming a champion for liberal compromise? Probably not, but two recent pieces seemed to offer a ray of hope.

An editorial re the “bump stock” ban bill supported amendments that were adopted by the Delaware Senate and even a further amendment (modest compensation for bump stocks surrendered). It correctly suggested that most conservatives aren’t against banning bump stocks per se, although there may be disagreements about other gun control proposals.

A column about raising the minimum wage made several valid points, e.g., the two sides keep repeating their respective arguments, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the General Assembly should cautiously increase the Delaware minimum wage to $9.25 per hour (27.6% over the federal minimum wage).

It would be equally logical to abolish the minimum wage, which inflates prices and limits job opportunities for people on the bottom rung of the economic ladder. The Swiss economy has thrived over the years without a minimum wage, and 76% of the voters rejected one in

The primary reason for a minimum wage is political - what a great way to show concern for workers without taking responsibility for the costs.

William Whipple III

See also a second column (3/25/18) on the minimum wage by Matthew Albright, this one focusing on the politics vs. economics.

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