Renewables need reconsideration (Greer)

The new documentary "Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans" - available free online - has upset renewable energy advocates because it exposes solar, wind, and bio-fuels as scams promoted by billionaires to make money.

In interviews the film makers say we have spent a trillion dollars on renewable energy and it has not worked.

Current Delaware law requires that 25% of our electricity must come from renewable sources by 2025 with the cost promised to be capped at 3% of customer's electric bills. The 3% cap was written into the legislation but never enforced and the added cost is now up to 19% according to the Delaware Public Service Commission whose mission is to protect consumers.

Legislators now want to raise the renewal requirement to 40% but this would only help renewable energy suppliers and hurt consumers even more. The Delaware legislature must stop this sham and instead eliminate the renewable requirement entirely.

John E. Greer Jr., Professional Engineer (retired), Wilmington

There's some controversy about how the 3% cap was supposed to work, e.g., did the 3% apply to the total bill or only to distribution charges and was its enforcement mandatory or discretional? Litigation has been pending over the matter between the PSC and DNREC. The disputed provision would be repealed by the draft bill that was recently published.

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