No more campaigns based on life stories (Whipple)

A trio of columns about the presidential bid of Hillary Rodham Clinton mentioned several weaknesses in her campaign without calling for any changes.

Eugene Robinson says Republican critics are getting nowhere in seeking to discredit Clinton’s candidacy. Yes, there are questions about Benghazi, personal e-mails, and “all the money sloshing around the Clinton Foundation.” But Clinton still leads against all comers according to polling averages. And the big question is “whether she can inspire the coalition that twice elected President Obama” to turn out and vote.

Megan McArdle questions the conventional wisdom among Democrats that Clinton “has a lock on the presidency.” The polls are tightening, and Clinton will have little room to improve her margins because she is so well known already. But are there any plausible alternatives? Not Martin O’Malley, surely!

Ruth Marcus minimizes Clinton’s moves to outflank leftist rivals for the Democratic nomination. While her goal has been to placate the base, Clinton has avoided “backing herself into a left-wing corner.” And don’t fret that the campaign hasn’t offered much substance yet, because Clinton will begin to “flesh out her policy specifics over the summer.”

The last thing this country needs, in my opinion, is another presidential race based on personal identities/life stories. Americans should dismiss this fluff, and demand that Hillary Clinton and the other candidates start taking stands on substantive issues, such as wasteful spending, regulatory overreach, disrespect for the Constitution, and the deteriorating international situation.

William Whipple III

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