Time for action re illegal immigration (Whipple)

In a recent column [1/13/19], the members of Congress from Delaware blamed the president 100% for the partial government shutdown. I think there is plenty of blame to go around.

No one is proposing a 2,000 mile concrete wall along the southern border. It’s only proposed to upgrade sections of the 654 miles of existing border barriers and add some 150 miles . Also, the administration has reportedly settled on a steel bollard design (aka “steel slats”) for most of the proposed construction, as the Washington Examiner* reported.

Query the assertion that “every member of Congress – Democrats and Republicans alike – wants to ensure that our borders are secure.” The steps required to curb illegal immigration - build and maintain adequate security barriers in the appropriate areas, mandate use of the E-Verify system, and track compliance with visa limits – aren’t exactly rocket science. Yet year after year passes without effective action being taken.

President Trump has repeatedly expressed his eagerness to settle this matter. So unless Democrats are seeking a political “victory,” it should be possible to end the shutdown quite quickly.

William Whipple III

*Trump plan would improve current border situation, Byron York, Washington Examiner, 1/10/19. https://washex.am/2M4l7ir

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