Say no to natonal popular vote (Whipple)

Reasonable minds may differ re the merits of the electoral college system, which the founders adopted as a big states/ little states compromise. If changes were to be made, however, the proper vehicle would be a constitutional amendment – not an interstate compact (which could be approved by as few as a dozen states) to automatically elect the NPV winner.

Democrats would seemingly benefit from the NPV compact due to their big city electoral edge. A
recent column argues that “Republicans should support a national popular vote,” but the authors (former GOP officials) fail to make a persuasive case.

It’s pointless to complain about a “winner take all” system when there is only one winner in a presidential election.

Delaware presidential votes are not underweighted; indeed, they carry more weight than individual votes cast in California, Texas, Florida, New York, etc.

In an NPV system, presidential candidates would spend more time in the most populous states and less time in “battleground states.” However, there still wouldn’t be many campaign stops in Delaware.

In sum, there is no plausible reason – beyond considerations of partisan advantage – for Delawareans to support the NPV compact.

William Whipple III

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