Clean energy, not so much (Inskip)

December 31, 2015
The News Journal
Clean energy, not so much

Eugene Robinson claims that “a new clean-energy economy is . . . taking shape” (Dec. 1, p. 6A). In reality, “clean energy companies” continue to disappoint investors. “Clean energy companies” cannot compete on the strength of their expensive, unreliable power, so they seek out governmental favors. At the behest of industry lobbyists and environmental groups like the Delaware Nature Society and Sierra Club, Delaware requires electric companies to buy increasing amounts of power from “renewable” sources, resulting in new wind power developments in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The result is uglier landscapes and degraded wildlife habitat. Every year, wind turbines kill dozens of eagles across the country, and thousands of bats in Pennsylvania alone. Some populations may not survive the onslaught.

Wind power is not “clean energy.” The industry and its enablers have blood on their hands.

Gregory A. Inskip

Note: This letter was originally run on Dec. 16 with the title Wind not “clean energy” – it was apparently rerun due to errors in the News Journal’s original print version.

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