Brown exposes "fallacies" (Kenton)

Susan Stamper Brown may be a “denier,” as her global warming critics would label her, but in her article, she did a good job of revealing the fallacies, misrepresentations and exaggerations constantly made by the climate change extremists who tolerate no questioning of their so-called “settled consensus” on the subject.

Harry Kenton

Ms. Brown evidently struck a nerve, perhaps for having the audacity to say (1) she’s from Alaska, where recent warming has been welcome, and (2) the polar bear population has been increasing since the 1970s. Or maybe the real beef was that Brown closed her comments with a religious reference. It’s time to chill about global warming,, 12/10/16.

At least three or four letters attacking her column were published by the News Journal, to the general effect that such anti-scientific heresy should not be published, prompting Mr. Kenton’s pithy response. Good show, Harry, keep those letters coming!

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