Not all that hot (Whipple)

A recent column [12/6/15] by U.S. Rep. John Carney recited the usual mantra about global warming (aka “climate change”), which supposedly is being caused by burning fossil fuels and needs to be stopped by switching to “clean” power sources. Otherwise, we are given to understand, there could be some unfortunate consequences. For example, sea level rise (which has been averaging about a foot per century) could speed up, washing out roads and bridges and possibly causing “entire towns” to disappear.

Several points in the column seem dubious, but let me stick to the statement that “slowly but surely, heat waves will increase our electric bills in summer months.” While this concern about the pocketbooks of Delawareans is commendable, one wonders why savings on winter heating bills weren’t mentioned as an offset. Also, it might bear mentioning that our electric bills are being inflated on a year round basis by Delaware’s renewable energy subsidies. All things considered, I doubt that consumers will come out ahead as a result of a government-led war on global warming.

William Whipple III
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