Stem the flooding (Thomen)

I was inspired to read Rep. John Carney’s Delaware Voice piece [12/6/15]. His embrace of the climate change argument, and its prediction of dire consequences for low-lying, vulnerable communities such as Southbridge, was awesome. He inspired me to drive though the former Seventh Street flood plain between the Christiana and Brandywine Rivers. I say “former” because this area has now been filled in and raised to a level at least 10 feet above its level when it was a flood plain. Now when the water level in the Christiana rises, where will the water that formerly flooded Seventh Street go? Whereas, there is great uncertainty about climate change and its effects, there is no uncertainty about where this water will go. It will go into the Southbridge community, flooding it more often and more severely. And this enhancement of flooding will be entirely manmade. Brilliant!

James R. Thomen
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