Fallacy of Paris climate plan (Greer)

The Paris climate agreement is historic all right, historically bad, and the U.S. must exit.

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy admitted that computer models show big U.S. emission cuts would only avoid 0.01 degree C of warming but were important for U.S. “international leadership.” So the cuts are only symbolic, not effective.

The leadership result? The U.S. pledged 26-28 percent emission cuts while allowing China and many others unlimited emission increases.

Shouldn’t all countries cut? As IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer said: “Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection.” It’s about negotiating “the distribution of the world’s resources.”

Who is for this agreement? Politicians, activists, corporations, scientists, and bureaucrats with a stake in the $1.5 trillion-per-year climate change and renewable energy businesses.

What about the so-called Clean Power Plan? This was never about clean air but about shutting down coal.

U.S. air has become very clean, meeting all standards. Using inferior data and faulty analysis, EPA claimed big health benefits for tighter standards, but independent analyses show insignificant benefits and huge costs.

Coal is a tremendously valuable resource which all major countries will continue to use.

Exit Paris and the Clean Power Plan now. 

John E. Greer, Jr. 

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