Claims on warming not reliable (Inskip)

Former Sen. Ted Kaufman recently invoked the authority of the International Panel on Climate Change, “major scientific societies around the world,” and Pope Francis himself to argue that Global warming is manmade.” But scientific questions are not decided by religious leadership, nor even by the “consensus” of scientists.

Scientific questions are resolved by observing nature. Satellite observations by Remote Sensing Systems and the University of Alabama at Huntsville show that there has been no net global warming for 18 years, even though combustion of fossil fuel continues and atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide continue to rise.

The IPCC’s computer models predicted substantial warming over this period, but they were wrong. There is no reason to believe the IPCC’s predictions of future warming based on the same failed models.

Sen. Kaufman says that global warming may cause "catastrophic disruptions.” In fact, climate turns out not to be as sensitive to CO2 released by human activity as the alarmists contend. The environmental benefits that might result from sudden abandonment of fossil fuels are small and speculative at best and do not remotely justify the economic disruption and poverty that would certainly result.

Gregory A. Inskip

For more about Sen. Kaufman’s column and related News Journal coverage, see Delaware Chatter, 6/21/15.
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