Political civitlity goes both ways (Whipple)

Former Sen. Ted Kaufman is obviously not a big fan of the president, but his latest column about Trump’s constant attacks hit a new low.

Kaufman says Trump is a habitual bully – he can dish it out, but when people respond he complains about how unfair they are. His targets have included Hillary Clinton, four former presidents (none of whom ever got anything right), the media (excepting Fox News & Breitbart), Democrats, Republicans, people of color, foreign leaders, high ranking national security officers, his own appointees, and major corporations.

Conspicuously missing was any acknowledgment that:

# some of these people might, just might, have attacked the president first.

#Over 90 percent of all mainstream media coverage of the president is negative.

#The president has been under investigation by the FBI since before he was elected.

#For all his flaws, the president has undertaken some worthwhile initiatives during his first 18 months in office.

Kaufman says, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Doesn’t he realize that his own message and those of many others is just as divisive as the president’s tweets?

We’re all in the same boat, and it behooves everyone to try and get along.

William Whipple III
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