Stop re-litigating tax cuts (Whipple)

Here’s a reaction to two pieces (USA Today editorial and a column by former Sen. Ted Kaufman) blaming current and projected deficits on Republican tax cuts.

First, where’s the recognition that spending levels were ramped up during the Obama era, and not cut back after the 2007-09 recession ended, thereby causing the national debt to grow by some $10 trillion in eight years? Perhaps USA Today and Sen. Kaufman were warning about the government digging itself into a fiscal hole back in those days, but I don’t recall this.

Second, time will tell whether the current economic bounce is a “sugar high” or will have lasting impact. In the latter case, much of the feared loss of government revenue would be offset by faster economic growth. Meanwhile, instead of seeking to re-litigate the tax cuts, wouldn’t it be better to focus on opportunities to curb wasteful government spending? See, e.g., the Prime Cuts inventory maintained by Citizens Against Government Waste.

Third, some of the language seems needlessly inflammatory. For example (Sen. Kaufman’s column): The US president “consistently congratulates himself about dozens of ‘historic’ accomplishments and he is always wrong.”

William Whipple III

Publication of this letter in the election day print edition was fortuitous, in that it – plus an “opposing view” column by Newt Gingrich re immigration – helped to balance the virulently anti-Trump tone of columnist Dana Milbank and the other letter-writers.
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