The missing piece in climate change (Kenton)

Recently, I watched a program on C-Span TV involving four pro-climate change congressmen discussing its ramifications with a panel of four like-minded individuals. All severe weather events were attributed to climate change, which was blamed on man-caused carbon in the atmosphere. Naturally the solution was giving up reliance on coal, oil and gas, no matter what the cost.

But what was missing from the discussion was any consideration of the fact that, no matter how much the US reduced its carbon output, the global impact will be negligible and therefore have no effect on climate change.

Harry Kenton

Assuming carbon emissions really are a problem, it doesn’t matter whether they come from the US, China, or elsewhere. Of course, the alarmist argument is that the US must lead the way, inspiring other nations to forge a global compact to reduce carbon emissions. Ultimately one comes back to two basic questions: (1) is the manmade global warming theory valid, and (2) if so, how much warming, how fast, should be expected if the world does not switch to more expensive, less reliable energy sources?
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