Climate Alarmism: false clains and non-solutions (Greer)

Climate change is real alright but hundreds of recent peer-reviewed studies ignored by climate alarmists show that the climate has always changed, and change is driven by the Sun, not CO2 (see e.g. NoTricksZone: Sun as Main Driver 1/13/19).

Studies of both old ice cores and modern atmospheric measurements indicate that changes in atmospheric CO2 follow changes in temperature, showing that changing CO2 is a response to changing temperature, not the cause. See WUWT 7/10/2017.

A recent claim that increased flooding caused by sea level rise washed away $300 million in Delaware coastal property values between 2005 and 2017 is absurd because sea level rise over that time was less than 2 inches. Real damage comes from storm surges which have been as much as 7 feet (at Lewes DE in 1878, National Weather Service), in addition to the twice-daily 4-6 foot tides.

"The State of the Polar Bear Report 2018" by zoologist Susan Crawford shows polar bear numbers have reached new highs, in contrast to predictions of large declines. "Numbers are so high that Inuit leaders have been pleading with the Canadian government for more polar bear population control as violent attacks against native populations have dramatically increased in recent years." 2/27/2019.

If CO2 were really a problem, all nations would need to cut emissions, but the Paris Agreement exempts developing countries because economic development and fighting poverty are their stated priorities, not climate. China, India and others are allowed increases which would exceed total U.S. emissions. They signed Paris, not to save the planet, but because they were promised money. The U.S. is right to withdraw. See Watts Up With That (WUWT) 7/10/2017 REAL climate science shows Trump was right to Exit Paris).

China, India, and many others continue building coal-fired generators because they can make use of local resources and provide low-tech, cheap, reliable energy not possible with alternatives.

India opened 52 new coal mines in the last 5 years, advancing the government goal to move toward universal electricity access without shortages. India has increased electric supply by 120 % since 2004 (Times of India (1/22/2019).

Far from causing droughts and famines, CO2 is plant food, a main contribution to a 4-fold increase in grain production from 1961-2012 (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) and a greening of the entire planet (NASA satellite data, carbon-dioxide-fertilization-greening-earth 4/26/2016).

There is a very strong case that the increasing availability and use of energy mainly from fossil fuels is directly responsible for increasing food availability, human life expectancy, and GDP per person, vastly improved environment, and a marked reduction in climate-related deaths. Alex Epstein, "The Moral case for fossil fuels."

We are not running out of fossil fuels and will not anytime soon because reserves have been developed much faster that they have been used.

CO2 is plant food essential for life, not pollution. Those who try to demonize CO2 ignore the tremendous benefits of affordable, reliable energy provided by fossil fuels which makes modern civilization possible.

John E. Greer, Jr. P.E.(ret.)
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