Trump correct to demand loyalty (Thomen)

Full disclosure: Jim Comey was my grandson’s Sunday school teacher in Richmond, Va. Much has been in the news of late about Mr. Trump, General Flynn, and Mr. Comey. Both Flynn and Comey have been fired by Mr. Trump.

It is perhaps useful to these news observations to recall a lesson from Management 101. A good manager surrounds himself with loyal and actively supportive lieutenants. If he/she finds a lieutenant that does not meet these criteria, said lieutenant should no longer be allowed to be on the team.

In the present situation, we the public don’t know all the circumstances regarding President Trump’s firing of Mr. Comey. We don’t need to know. President Trump will be judged on the performance of his team – his administration.

Washington is indeed a swamp, filled with alligators, both in and out of government. President Trump’s lieutenants will need to keep their focus on his agenda and be good sharpshooters if he is going to successfully drain the swamp.

James R. Thomen

The president’s firing of Mr. Comey could have been much better handled, and volumes remain to be written about the matter. But based on what is known thus far, claims that this action was taken to obstruct the “Russian investigation” seem far-fetched. Comey’s firing: A proper exercise of authority or an abuse of power? Washington Examiner, 5/11/17.
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