Editorial on Trump is off base (Whipple)

The “Great unknown of a Trump presidency” editorial seemed off the mark in several respects.

1. Although the promise of “jobs” was important, I believe the real key to Trump’s victory was “respect.” Thus, he connected with millions of Americans whose interests and values have been given short shrift by the elite in this country (including the mainstream media), while Hillary Clinton dismissed them as deplorable or even irredeemable.

2. Trump’s victory wasn’t truly a shocker, as implied by calling it “arguably the biggest upset in US presidential history.” Although many observers expected a Clinton victory, it was evident that the race would be close. Some of the reporters, pundits and pollsters may have made the mistake of seeing what they wanted to see.

3. What’s the point of calling out the newly elected president of the United States for taking “dishonesty to a level that is nauseating to comprehend,” being “a transactional politician” who will “change his stance on any issue if such change benefits him,” etc.? If the objective is to educate and persuade the people who voted for Trump, it may not be effective to attack their choice in this fashion.

4. Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to acknowledge that some of Trump’s ideas – such as that it’s time to slow the big government express, which has been turning this country into a European style welfare state – may have merit. It would certainly be hard to demonstrate that the policies of the past eight years made this country more prosperous and safer, yet Clinton’s whole campaign was based on either continuing those policies or accelerating them.

William Whipple III

Beyond emotional reactions, there were some affirmative reasons to choose Trump over Clinton. A final point (red font) to this effect was included in the letter as submitted.
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