Note: Retired Men’s Luncheon Club referred to as “RMLC”

7/18/18 - Talk on
US Supreme Court, striking a balance, for the Conservative Caucus of Delaware.

8/1/17 – Talk on case for a Convention of States to propose constitutional amendments, sponsored by the Conservative Caucus of Delaware

5/19/17 – RMLC talk on campus unrest by Neil Longo of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute

4/21/17 – RMLC talk by Dr. Howard Horne on his military intelligence experiences in World War II and the Korean War.

3/17/17 – RMLC talk by Ken Quinn of the Convention of States project re “a COS to bypass DC”

July 19, 2013 – SAFE talk to the RMLC re two Bloom Energy lawsuits in which member John Nichols is involved. 

July 29-August 3, 2012 – SAFE director Bill Whipple attended the “Cato University 2012” workshop in Washington, DC.  CatoUniv
July 20, 2012 – SAFE sponsored a talk to the RMLC by Dr. John Stapleford of Caesar Rodney Institute re Delaware’s fiscal picture. (7/23/12 entry, Fiscal problem)
4/20/12 & 6/15/12 – SAFE arranged talks to the RMLC by the respective heads of the Delaware Democrat (John Daniello) and Republican (John Sigler) parties.
6/8/11 – SAFE participated in three federal budget workshops sponsored by Representative John Carney.  (
6/13/11 entry).
5/20/11 – SAFE sponsored a talk to the RMLC by financial executive Bruce Bachman on how the government can support job creation in Delaware
4/15/11 – SAFE member John Nichols briefed the RMLC on the economic effects of Delaware’s renewable energy mandates and subsidies.
3/18/11 – SAFE director Edgar Fasig arranged a talk to the RMLC by Maurice McTigue, a former New Zealand legislator now associated with the Mercatus Center, on how to
really cut government spending.
9/19/10 – Climate Common Sense manned a booth re global warming and cooling at Newark Community Day.  See notes and handout.
5/21/10 – SAFE director Bill Whipple briefed the RMLC on the mission and record thus far of the Fiscal Commission that is supposed to be recommending how to solve this country’s fiscal woes.  FCPresentation.ppt
3/19/10 – SAFE member Spear Lancaster and school principal Fatih Kandil talked to the RMLC about the Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School in Maryland. Blog 2010
3/15/10 – Director Jerry Martin sponsored a talk by Delaware State Climatologist David Legates at the Academy of Lifelong Learning. Newsletter 57
1/12/10 – Three members of Climate Common Sense (including Bill Morris, a SAFE director) testified at a Public Service Commission hearing on Delmarva Power’s energy purchase plan  Day, Greer, Morris.
9/12/09 – SAFE participated in the March on Washington
7/2/09 – Delaware tea parties (New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties) 7/13/09
June 11-13, 2009 – National Taxpayers Conference, Arlington, VA 6/29/09
4/15/09 – Delaware tea party (New Castle County) 4/20/09
January 2009 – SAFE invitational breakfast
April 2008 – Talk on global warming by the Delaware state climatologist, Dr. David Legates.  Blog, 5/5/08
April 2008 – I.O.U.S.A. screening in Philadelphia.
October 2007 –Fiscal Wake-Up forum in Baltimore.  Blog, 11/5/07
June 2007 – NTU Conference in Washington, D.C.   Blog, 6/20/07
March 2006 – Talk by Tom Schatz, President of CAGW
6/17/05 – SAFE talk on Social Security reform.
February 2005 – Cato conference on Social Security in Washington, D.C
10/4/04 – AARP breakfast (Peter Orzag talk re Social Security)
6/17/04 – Radio talk show (Rick Jensen)
11/26/03 – Radio talk show (Rick Jensen)
Presentations on global warming to numerous groups by SAFE director Bill Morris

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