Abbreviated names: RMLC (Retired Men’s Luncheon Club): CC (Conservative Caucus of Delaware); DNREC (Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control)

2/21/20 - RMLC talk by John Nichols re offshore wind power

10/20/19 - CC annual banquet, James O'Keefe re investigative journalism of Project Veritas

10/14/19 - Climate science presentation by John Greer to Hercules Men's Club

9/24/19 - (Scroll down) Environmental Appeals Board hearing on John Nichols appeal of DNREC order

9/20/19 - RMLC talk by Ronald Russo re improving DE public schools

1/10/19 - DNREC hearing re Bloom Energy application for permit to replace fuel cells at QFCP facilities

10/14/18 - CC annual banquet, Ramesh Ponnuru re conservative opportunities

10/9/18 - Public Service Commission hearing re proposed review of QFCP tariff (Bloom Energy fuel cells) for Delmarva Power ratepayers (Section B)

9/24/18 - Meeting with Sen. Tom Carper re fiscal problem

7/18/18 - CC talk on US Supreme Court, striking a balance

5/18/18 - RMLC talk by GOP State Chair Michael Harrington

4/20/18 - RMLC talk by Maj. William Farley, USMC retired, re veteran outreach in DE

2/16/18 - RMLC talk by SAFE director John Nichols re "misguided renewable energy plan"

11/27/17 - Public hearing re Offshore Wind Power study (Section C)

11/15/17 & 10/6/17 - Meetings of the Offshore Wind Power working group (Sections A, B & D)

10/15/17 - CC annual banquet, Nigel Farage

8/1/17 – Talk on case for a Convention of States to propose constitutional amendments, sponsored by CC

5/19/17 – RMLC talk on campus unrest by Neil Longo of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute

4/21/17 – RMLC talk by Dr. Howard Horne on his military intelligence experiences in World War II and the Korean War.

3/17/17 – RMLC talk by Ken Quinn of the Convention of States project re “a COS to bypass DC”

12/8/16 – Energy policy conference in DC (Heritage & Texas Public Policy Foundations)

11/18/16 - RMLC talk by economist Patrick Barron re "negative interest rates"

10/16/16 - CC annual banquet, Timothy Carney

10/30/16 Meeting with Sen. Tom Carper re fiscal problem

5/16/16 – CC talk by Daniel Kerrick, Esq. re evolving ground rules for debt collection

4/25/16 - RMLC talk by Major General Frank Vavala re the Delaware National Guard

4/1/16 – Recap of considerable legal activity in Delaware challenging various aspects of the state’s “renewable energy” policies

3/18/16 - RMLC talk (slideshow presentation) by SAFE member John Greer on manmade global warming theory

10/18/15 - CC annual banquet, Byron York

8/21/15 - RMLC talk by Dr. David Legates re Delaware climate

3/20/15 - RMLC talk by Todd Gaziano of the Pacific Legal Foundation

10/12/14 - CC annual banquet, David Freddoso

9/19/14 - RMLC talk by Charlie Copeland re DE Charter Schools (scroll down to Improving Delaware education)

5/6/14 - CC talk by civic activist John Nichols re Bloom Energy (scroll down to Bloom Energy)

4/25/14 - RMLC talk by Eugene Kern, The Data Center LLC, re proposed UD Star Campus project (scroll down to Data Center)

3/21/14 - RMLC talk by Dr. Christopher Casscells re Affordable Care Act (scroll down to Healthcare Predictions)

10/6/13 - CC annual banquet, Justice Antonin Scalia (scroll down to date)

9/3/13 - DNREC Secretary Colin O'Mara questioned by callers on Rick Jensen show (scroll down to date)

8/29/13 – Heritage townhall talk by Rafael Cruz on his immigration experience

8/11/13 - Frederick Douglas Foundation talk by Dr. Ben Carson on the US political & social scene (scroll down to date)

8/17/12 – RMLC talk by SAFE member Jim Venema re New Castle County school busing order  

July 29-August 3, 2012, notes – “Cato University 2012” workshop in Washington, DC. 

7/20/12 – RMLC talk by Dr. John Stapleford of Caesar Rodney Institute re DE Fiscal problem

4/20/12 & 6/15/12 – SAFE arranged talks to the RMLC by the respective heads of the Delaware Democrat (John Daniello) and Republican (John Sigler) parties. 

6/8/11 – SAFE participated in three federal budget workshops sponsored by Representative John Carney. 

3/18/11 – RMLC talk by Maurice McTigue, a former New Zealand legislator now associated with the Mercatus Center, on how to really cut government spending.

9/19/10 – Climate Common Sense manned a booth at Newark Community Day (scroll down to date)

8/29/10 – “Restoring honor” rally organized by Glenn Beck (last of the big “tea party” rallies)

5/21/10 – RMLC talk re mission and record thus far of the Fiscal Commission

3/19/10 – RMLC talk by SAFE member Spear Lancaster and school principal Fatih Kandil re Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School in MD.

3/15/10 – Director Jerry Martin arranged a talk by Delaware State Climatologist David Legates at the Academy of Lifelong Learning.

9/12/09 – SAFE participated in the March on Washington

9/2/09 - Participated in "listening session" with Sen. Tom Carper re healthcare proposals (which resulted in GovCare)

7/2/09 – Delaware tea parties (New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties)

June 11-13, 2009 – National Taxpayers Conference, Arlington, VA

4/15/09 – The first round of "tea parties"

9/14/08 - Newark Community Day, survey on global warming

Summer 2008 - SAFE director Bill Morris debunks global warming threat, multiple talks

April 2008 – CC talk on global warming by the Delaware state climatologist, Dr. David Legates

April 2008 – I.O.U.S.A. screening in Philadelphia.

October 2007 –Fiscal Wake-Up forum in Baltimore. 

9/16/07 – Newark Community Day survey re fiscal policy

June 2007 – NTU Conference in Washington, D.C.  

9/17/06 – Newark Community Day survey re fiscal problem

3/17/06 - RMLC talk by Tom Schatz, President of CAGW  

9/18/05 – Newark Community Day, survey re Social Security reform (scroll down)

6/17/05 – RMLC talk on Social Security reform

Spring 2005 – Contacts with DE members of Congress re Social Security reform

February 2005 – Cato conference on Social Security in Washington, D.C

10/4/04 – AARP breakfast (Peter Orzag talk re Social Security)

9/19/04 - Newark Community Day, “test your knowledge quiz”

6/17/04 – Rick Jensen show re Social Security reforms backed by SAFE

11/26/03 – Rick Jensen show re then recently enacted Medicare drug coverage (scroll down to “On talk radio”)

9/29/02 – On Newark Community Day, Jason Allen Dempsey (Jerry Martin’s grandson) made the rounds with a sandwich board (“today’s pork, tomorrow’s debt”) to advertise SAFE’s concern for younger Americans.

5/18/01 – Retired Men’s Luncheon Club (RMLC) talk by Maurice McTigue re a highly successful spending cut campaign he had led in New Zealand

9/17/00 – SAFE participated in Newark Community Day with gratifying results (and would continue to do so for years)

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