Fix the fiscal problem (Chris Wallace)

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Chris Wallace
Fox News Network
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

Dear Mr. Wallace:

In 2015, our group made a concerted effort to reach out to the anticipated presidential candidates of both parties – urging them to announce their support for deficit reduction (or better yet budget balance). None of the candidates responded to us, nor acted as though they had gotten the message. Moreover, as the campaign progressed, the candidates were rarely asked questions about either budget deficits or covering the soaring costs of entitlement programs.

The last straw came in the third presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, moderated by yourself, in which questions about fiscal matters (previously shown at the top of the list of discussion topics) were deferred until last and then superficially addressed in a debate segment that lasted all of 8 minutes. Our disappointment was reflected in SAFE’s report on the action. Presidential candidates “grilled” on debt and entitlements,

The purpose of bringing up these matters now is not to rehash ancient history, but rather to make the point that it would be constructive to encourage a far more robust discussion of the fiscal problem this time. To that end, SAFE believes that all 2020 presidential candidates should be encouraged to offer plans for balancing the budget in four years (by 2025). Moreover, one of the debates between the two finalists in the fall of 2020 could be devoted exclusively to questions about the fiscal problem. Top 2020 issue should be national debt, William Whipple III, [Wilmington, DE] News Journal,

If there is some way that you could support our aims, either personally or through the many people in the news business with whom you interact, we would greatly appreciate it. Please advise (contact information enclosed) if you have any questions or we can help further.


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