Supplemental letter re RPS (DE Gov. John Carney)

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June 10, 2020

Governor John Carney
Carvel State Office Building
820 N. French Street, 12th Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801

Dear Governor Carney:

We wrote to you on April 27 re a pending proposal to expand Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), a move that would be opposed by many Delawareans. There was an auto-reply acknowledgment, but no substantive response. Perhaps the review of our letter has been sidelined by more pressing matters, e.g., handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

In any case, we would like to confirm SAFE’s abiding interest in this matter by supplementing the electronic submission with a “hard copy” of our
April 27 letter, the underlying blog entry, and updates re two subsequently published letters to the editor.

To our knowledge, the status of this matter has not changed since April 27, e.g., Senator McDowell’s RPS bill has not been introduced in the General Assembly. So long as this remains true, there will be no time urgency in reacting to our submission. However, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how SAFE might play a constructive role in this matter.


William Whipple III, President
Secure America’s Future Economy

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