Vote no on SB 33 (Greer)

Dear Senators Stephanie Hansen, Trey Paradee, Marie Pinkney & Laura Sturgeon,

I urge you to please vote NO on Senate Bill 33. Instead, please enforce the 3% cost cap.

Requirements of 20% renewables have already increased electric rates by about 20%. Cost increases were supposed to be capped at 3% but this was never enforced

Increasing renewables to 40% would likely increase electric rates by 40% or more and create instability in the grid.

The stated purpose of renewable requirements is to fight climate change but Delaware's emissions are so small that nothing we do could possibly have any effect. Please see the chart below:

On a world scale, Delaware emissions are essentially zero.

USA emissions have fallen largely due to natural gas use.

Despite the Paris Climate Accord, most other countries are growing emissions, not cutting emissions. Global emissions have increased greatly - more than total USA emissions.

Extra costs for renewables are simply a burden on Delaware which hurts individuals, businesses, and the economy and are a waste of limited resources.

Instead of increasing renewable requirements, I urge you to enforce the existing 3% cost cap.


John E. Greer, Jr., P.E. (ret.)
Wilmington DE

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