Action needed on fiscal problem

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June 29, 2017

Dear Senator Carper, Senator Coons, and Representative Blunt Rochester:

As zealous advocates of fiscal responsibility, SAFE members view the government’s fiscal record since 2000 as an unmitigated disaster. Fixing fiscal problem won’t be easy,
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Barring a major course correction, a disastrous fiscal meltdown seems inevitable, but the budget work of Congress is once again far behind schedule. Our guess is that (1) Congress will pass a “continuing resolution” just before September 30 to keep the government operating on the current spending trajectory, (2) the debt limit will be raised with a lot of political posturing, and (3) an omnibus appropriation bill will be enacted in December, which will do little if anything to start bringing the deficit down.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and our latest blog entry offers three suggestions that might help. They are primarily directed to congressional Republicans, who are currently in the majority, but we thought you might appreciate a “heads up.”

In brief, here are the suggestions: (1) Abolish the debt limit (conversations about this matter can only distract from the real issues); (2) Go nuclear (far from contributing to the quality of work being done by Congress, the Senate filibuster provides an excuse for failure); (3) Cancel the August recess and have the members of Congress spend the month getting some meaningful work done for a change. Fixing the fiscal problem: work on what matters,

We would welcome your thoughts, whether pro or con, but please read the blog entry first. Thank you!

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