Upgrade healthcare plan (President Trump)

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Dear President Trump,

In recent weeks, SAFE has been following the election campaigns with a primary focus on issues versus personalities. Perhaps you or your staff would find some of our work of interest, if only as a standard of comparison for your own analyses.

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2020. See, e.g., recap of the Democrat & Republican conventions (8/31); Global warming (9/7); Law and order (9/14); House Republican agenda (9/21); Taxes (9/28); First presidential debate (10/5); Deficits and debt (10/12); Healthcare (10/19).

Re the 10/19 entry, we were impressed with the healthcare reform plan that Dr. Scott Atlas outlined in a 2016 book and believe it might be helpful in upgrading your administration’s proposals. Why not reach out to Dr. Atlas about the matter?

Please advise if you have questions or we can help further.


William Whipple III
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