SAFE Newsletter re shutdown (DE members)

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January 1, 2019

Senator Tom Carper – Senator Chris Coons -Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester

Your respective copies of the latest SAFE newsletter are in the mail. Here’s a preview, which expresses our concerns about the current state of affairs in DC.

HIGHLIGHTS: America’s political/business/intellectual “elite” has been operating in “resistance” mode ever since Donald Trump was elected president. The current economic outlook is uncertain, no progress has been made on the fiscal problem or illegal immigration, and a partial government shutdown is in process. We the People should demand better! Also reported are some government policy ideas for Delaware.

As the paper copies may take a while to arrive, due to applicable screening procedures, here’s a
link to the electronic edition. Or you can follow this browser path: Secure America’s Future Economy – Administrative – Newsletter – no. 92.

Questions or feedback would be appreciated as always, and we do think it’s time to put the country over partisan politics so please do whatever you can to help.


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