Proposed expansion of Renewable Portfolio Standard (DE Gov. John Carney)

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Open letter to Delaware Governor John Carney

April 27, 2020

Dear Governor Carney:

In SAFE’s letter of
5/27/19, we expressed concerns about “a move afoot” in the General Assembly to increase Delaware’s “renewable energy” targets (Renewable Portfolio Standard) and suggested a series of questions that should be considered.

To the best of our knowledge, there has been no follow-up on these questions. Nevertheless, an RPS bill has been drafted and it will reportedly be introduced when the coronavirus pandemic subsides and the General Assembly reconvenes.

The principal effects of the RPS bill would be in 2026 et seq., and some far more urgent issues (such as rebooting the state economy) will require the General Assembly’s attention. Accordingly, it would seem appropriate to sidetrack the bill pending a thorough evaluation of the renewable energy program and policy alternatives.

Applying a technique that has proven useful in other contexts, we would suggest that the evaluation process include a Blue Team/Red Team review. Several of our members and allies have expressed willingness to participate on the Red Team.

SAFE has questioned other Delaware energy policy proposals that didn’t turn out very well, notably including the Bloom Energy venture that almost everyone in the state now views as a costly blunder. Perhaps we are right again, and in any case what would be the harm in entertaining informed citizen input about this matter rather than relying exclusively on the judgment of purported “experts” (who are typically reluctant to explain their reasoning, let alone considering other viewpoints)?

For comprehensive discussion of the foregoing points and links to underlying sources, please refer to the supporting on-line memorandum. The browser path is: Secure America’s Future Economy – Blog –

We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss the path forward if that would be helpful.


William Whipple III, President
Secure America’s Future Economy

PS. Copies of this letter will be sent to several media outlets including the News Journal, Delaware State News, and Cape Gazette. [Update: “Renewable energy legislature draft deserves taxpayer scrutiny and input.” Delaware State News, 5/1/20.]

Dear William Whipple III,

Thank you for reaching out to Governor Carney’s office. Please be assured that Governor Carney takes your concerns seriously and encourages Delawareans to reach out to his office with any ideas or concerns on issues important to our state.

If you have suggestions for improving state government, consider offering ideas to our Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Board (GEAR). Governor Carney created GEAR in 2017 to identify ways to save taxpayer dollars and more effectively deliver state services. Visit to share your ideas directly with our GEAR Board.

Please visit anytime to email Governor Carney and express your ideas, thoughts, and concerns.

Thank you again for reaching out to Governor Carney’s office. We appreciate your feedback, and hope you will stay engaged.

Office of the Governor

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