Fix the fiscal problem (President Trump)

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President Donald J. Trump
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Dear President Trump:

Our 2/25/19 letter offered the following idea for your consideration: “The fiscal problem could represent a solid issue for you in the 2020 elections, both because it is intrinsically important (as many Americans realize) and because a vigorous debate about this issue could help to differentiate your position from that of the other candidates. We would suggest that you commit to balance the budget by 2025 – offer a specific plan for achieving the goal – and challenge other candidates to do likewise. We would also suggest that one of the three presidential debates be reserved for the fiscal problem.” A similar suggestion was conveyed to contenders in the Democratic presidential primary that was then getting underway, and a supporting discussion was posted on-line (
2/18/19 & 2/25/19).

Since February, the magnitude of the fiscal problem has continued to grow – fueled among other things by the recently enacted Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019 – with a string of trillion dollar deficits now in store. Most observers agree that this situation is unacceptable, but very few have offered coherent ideas for getting the government’s fiscal affairs back in order. No private business could survive if it operated that way!

It’s hard to get a fix on the policy positions of the various Democratic candidates, but they generally seem to be focused on launching new government spending programs versus covering the overall cost of government (currently running about $4.5 trillion per year). This underscores the opportunity to differentiate your position from that of the ultimate Democratic nominee, and we would expect that you will take advantage of it.

If you have questions or we can help further, please let us know (contact info enclosed).




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