CoalItion letter (CREATE JOBS Act)

Coalition letter from 20 conservative groups (National Taxpayer Union led), urged passage of CREATE JOBS Act to make pro-growth business tax provisions permanent, 8/4/20.

Coalition letter (fed. unemployment benefit)

Coalition letter from 28 conservative groups (Americans for Prosperity led), urged that federal supplement to unemployment compensation benefits be allowed to expire on July 31 rather than being renewed as part of further coronavirus relief legislation, 7/21/20.

Coalition letter (withdraw proposed CMS regulation)

Coalition Letter (NTU led, 28 conservative groups) to CMS re proposed drug rebate regulations, 7/20/20.

Supplemental letter re RPS (DE Gov. John Carney)

Confirm/update SAFE's 4/27/20 letter to ensure it wouldn't be overlooked due to the coronavirus pandemic and other pressing concerns. Read More...

Economic relief legislation

Alert DE members to SAFE's post on the HEROES Act without any indication of what it says (will they read it?). Read More...
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