Former Del. AG: Trump not to blame for siege (Meredith Newman et al.)

Front page news report from the News Journal: DE GOP Chair Jane Brady is quoted as believing that President Trump “is not responsible for the violent mob that stormed the Capitol last week – and should not be removed from office.”

Brady reportedly likened the march down Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill to the Black Lives Matter protests in which a “few criminal people” engaged in looting and violence versus simply demonstrating support for racial justice.

In contrast, this report collectively refers to participants in the events of Jan. 6 as a “mob” of “thousands of people,” many armed with weapons, which “ransacked congressional offices” and “threatened the lives of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence – all while Congress was in the process of certifying the presidential election.”

Various aspects of the breach of the Capitol and the president’s ensuing impeachment are reprised in support of the “mob” characterization,
all without acknowledging that a fair number of the “mostly peaceful” BLM protests last summer led to widespread violence and destruction in cities around the country (including outside the White House in DC).

At least six buses of Trump supporters from Delaware traveled to Washington for the president’s rally, and the DE GOP advised party members that they could sign up (at their own expense). The basic purpose was to attend the president’s rally,
and we understand that the buses left for the return trip at 3:00 PM.

Brady reportedly doesn’t regret providing information about the rally because people went to support the president. She also “still maintains that ‘irregularities’ occurred as a result of mail-in voting.”

Shame on her, because: “Contrary to Trump’s false claims there is no evidence of widespread election fraud.”
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