CleanEnergy4DE ad

Here’s the text of a full-page ad that ran in the print edition of the News Journal this morning.

ATTENTION DELAWARE LEGISLATORS – Delaware residents in all districts overwhelmingly support renewable energy. [Solar panel icon] [Wind turbine icon] Special interest groups have found a way to destroy renewable energy in Delaware if immediate action is not taken. SB250 will prevent this destruction, save 495 existing renewable energy jobs and create several hundred new jobs in Delaware.

Delawareans across the political spectrum expect you to do the right thing for the health, prosperity, and progress of all Delaware residents. WILL YOU?

Delaware residents vote for legislators who vote for their interests. Once this vote is taken, we will let Delawareans know – LOUDLY – who did and who did not listen to them. Legislators may direct their questions to

Comment: SB250 is being pushed by special interests rather than the other way around. And we are unaware of any imminent proposals that would “destroy renewable energy in Delaware.”

Update: This ad ran again on 6/26/20, and several times (without updating changes) after the session of the General Assembly had ended without action. We noted the ad in the News Journal on 7/5/20 & 7/12/20.
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