We must protect Delaware from damage by fossil fuel industry (Kathleen Jennings & Shawn Garvin)

News Journal column– It wasn’t enough for the Delaware Attorney General to convene a press conference to announce the filing of a state lawsuit against the oil industry for its alleged cover-up of the hazards of using fossil fuel, i.e., promoting global warming and leaving Delaware taxpayers with the bill. See News Journal story, Brandon Holvek, 9/11/20.

Now the same message is being basically repeated, this time in an opinion column co-authored with DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin in the editorial section. Filing of the lawsuit is portrayed as the writers’ official duty, because global warming (or climate change) is happening, and it’s a result of the use of the fossil fuels that they produce and sell. They knew “their products would lead to climate change with potentially ‘severe’ and even ‘catastrophic’ consequences – their words not ours.” Yet “they spent decades deliberately and systematically deceiving the nation about what they knew would happen if they carried on with business as usual.” It’s only right, therefore, “to remove the burden from Delaware taxpayers and put it back on the oil companies.”

Comments: (1) Making such charges is one thing; proving them is likely to be a different matter altogether. (2) Hard to believe that the defendants’ comments are being accurately quoted. (3) If the oil companies had to pay these damages, they would have little choice but to pass them on to the public - so DE taxpayers would pay them. (4) Having announced the suit, the AG’s office should pursue it in court versus the newspapers.
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