Cape School District sued over hybrid learning model (Natalia Alamdari)

News Journal story: Reopening of the school year under COVID-adjusted approaches may bring a crop of lawsuits across the state. It’s already happened in the Cape Henlopen School District.

The plaintiff [N.G.], a senior at Cap Henlopen High School, is challenging the district’s hybrid instruction approach. The school population was split into three groups: two with students who chose to physically attend class and one with students who opted to “exclusively learn from home.” NG chose group 3 because of her mother’s health risks.

Groups 1 & 2 get two days of live instruction/ three days of remote learning. Group 3 gets one day of “zoom” instruction per week, four days of remote learning Thus, Group 3 gets only one day of teacher instruction (on Zoom) per week, which allegedly deprives NG of an equal educational experience and equal support in applying for college admission. NG’s mother complained, but the school said it didn’t have “teachers or staffing” to offer equal teacher time to students in all three groups.

Other school boards have expressed concern about the risk of lawsuits, e.g., in PA, with particular concern about anticipated complaints from Special Ed students.
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