Let's make a deal on the COVID vaccine (Jonathan Zimmerman)

News Journal column: – In the interests of calming the political conversation after the election, the writer (who teaches education and history at the University of Pennsylvania) proposes the following bargain.

Liberals should belatedly give President Trump some credit for the rapid development of COVID vaccines, the first of which (Pfizer’s) is now being administered. “In any decent and normal country, everyone would congratulate the president for a desperately needed project that delivered.” But liberals “kept quiet” because they could not “bring themselves to say anything good about Trump,” thereby fueling “suspicions” of Trump supporters about “our bad faith.”

OK, scientists and private companies played the primary role, but Trump arranged massive financial commitments and logistical support for their efforts (Operation Warp Speed). Skeptics were wrong about how fast and well this program would work; Trump was right. Admit it!

For their part, Trump supporters should stop claiming that Democrats’ “stole” the election, which is a hugely dangerous lie. Not only is Biden’s victory demonstrated by “every shard of real evidence,” but it’s now been confirmed by the Electoral College voting.

“So I’ve got a deal to offer my Republican brothers and sisters. If you’ll stand down and congratulate Joe Biden on the election, we’ll stand up and applaud Donald Trump for Operation Warp Speed.”
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