Donald Trump would repeal Obamacare with a nothing burger (USA Today)

News Journal – (This is the 2nd in a series of USA editorials on major campaign issues, which series is also being running in our local newspaper. The News Journal may have missed this one, however, so we looked it up on the USA Today website in order to have a complete series.

The Biden plan is described as a somewhat enhanced version of Obamacare (aka GovCare), a law that was never perfect and has been under attack for a decade. In its favor, however, the Affordable Care Act allowed “tens of millions of pre-retirement Americans to buy health[care] insurance on private exchanges or obtain Medicaid coverage.” Even with the enhancements (notably including “a government-run insurance plan as an option alongside private ones”), however, the Biden plan is described as “nothing special” – a modestly enhanced cheeseburger if you will.

The Trump plan, however, is simply an empty plate with a bunch of hollow promises. Republicans tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act, fell one vote short, and settled for getting the individual mandate repealed and trying to get the courts to finish the job ever since. At this point, a third challenge lawsuit is scheduled to be argued before the Supreme Court right after the election. This course of action would be “pointless and cruel,” somewhat like hacking off people’s limbs, and in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic at that.

The public option “would help hold down costs and provide an option in places where few private insurance policies are available.” And some of Biden’s other proposals are interesting, e.g., allowing the government to negotiate drug prices for beneficiaries and reducing the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 to 60, even though the implications should be carefully considered. Therefore, “retaining and enhancing the Affordable Care Act is by far and away the most appetizing option available.”

Comments: (1) GovCare was a big step in the wrong direction, and Democrats are now proposing to complete the job of creating a universal healthcare system including rationing of healthcare by government bureaucrats. (2) Although the Trump administration’s healthcare plan leaves much to be desired, more thought has gone into it than this editorial suggests. Compare Better, more affordable healthcare, 10/19/20.
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