Trump's historic, dishonest press conference (Tom Nichols, USA Today)

News Journal column castigates President Trump for publicly challenging reported election results. The writer has reportedly been watching and commenting on the president’s press conferences over the past four years, which he describes in unflattering terms. Pouted – whined – prevaricated (litany of lies is too long to repeat) – rude, bizarre behavior.

In his latest press conference (
11/5/20, the president wasn’t exercising any restraint. “After years of bullying, pouting and lying from the podium, this was Donald Trump most historic press conference,” and it was “pure poison.”

Knowing his defeat was imminent, “he no longer felt the need to stay even remotely tethered to reality.” Count only the legal votes and “we easily win,” throw in illegal votes and “they can try to steal the election.”

“Overworked election officials” were doing their best to tabulate the votes, and here’s the president calling America’s voting system “a rigged game and a fraud.” In so doing, Donald Trump has himself become “an enemy of the peaceful constitutional order of the United States of America.”

Unfortunately, “we are trapped with this man in office until at least until late January,” but it’s time to stop listening to him.

While the president’s comments were certainly blunt, he correctly pointed out that the results of the elections had deviated considerably from the polls, and also that the sloppy processing of mail-in ballots in half a dozen states had created massive opportunities for voter fraud. This recap strikes us as a venomous rant, not responsible commentary.
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