Draft reasonable stimulus plan (USA Today)

News Journal: Democrats want more money ($3T) in the economic relief bill that is pending, while Republicans want less ($1T). Covid-19 or not, some things never change. Time to "work out some kind of a deal that includes the top priorities of both sides and makes no one totally happy."

However, "President Donald Trump's populist excesses ruin the picture of normalcy." He would (1) Cut out finding for COVID-19 testing and contract trading; and (2) Make in-person classes a requirement for receiving school aid. Combined effect: "more sickness, death and economic pain."

Congress should ignore Trump and do what it wants, reflecting the existing balance of political power, with a price tag somewhere in the $2T range, including continuation of the $600 plus-up unemployment benefits provision in the CARES Act. To satisfy GOP objections, the payments could be gradually reduced over time or set to drop automatically "if and when the economy picks up steam."

Give the states and localities money, including for school and for "holding safe and fair elections during a pandemic" (a veiled reference to mail-in voting). And cut out the payola for special interests lobbies, which they glommed on to in the first round. Shame on Citizens Against Government Waste for taking advantage of a sweetheart deal.

OK, give businesses immunity from lawsuits for people who get sick on their premises, it's a tradeoff Democrats should accept so long as "Congress ignores counterproductive ideas coming from the White House."

No discussion here of the implications of spending big amounts of money that the government doesn't have for ideas that haven't been shown to make any sense.
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