Trump's massive vote total breaks my heart (Michael Stern, USA Today)

News Journal runs what the writer himself describes as “a scorched-earth column.” Hmm, looks like Biden “might squeak out a victory,” but in any case the reality will remain that nearly half of “our country” voted to reelect Trump after four years of unmitigated misrule.

Tax cuts for the wealthiest – fights universal healthcare – lethal mismanagement of a pandemic – use of Department of Justice for political gain – personal financial windfall.

And this wasn’t an aberration either, says Mr. Stern, for he recognizes the country that did this as the same country that “built itself largely on the backs of slaves” and did various other awful things. There was no defining difference of principle between the two sides, simply a “contest between our better and worse angels.”

Sure, the polls were wrong. This simply means that a lot of Trump voters didn’t want to admit what they planned to do. “I fear Trumpism and the ugliness it reflects is here to stay.”

Not only do we disagree with the opinions expressed, but the spirit in which they are offered is unhelpful Mr. Stern might benefit from the 11/4/20 column by Mitch Albom.
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