Tragedy: GOP not fleeing Trumpism (Paul Brandus)

Guest column, News Journal - A handful of Republicans have reached out to Biden since the election, such as former President George Bush, MD Gov. Larry Hogan, and Sen. Mitt Romney, but there has been no word yet from President Trump. As for Sen. Mitch McConnell, he has declined to acknowledge Biden’s win and is defending Trump’s legal challenges. And AG Bill Barr has cleared the way for Department of Justice investigations of election fraud if “there are clear and apparently-credible allegations of irregularities.”

“There are no credible allegations” of this nature, however, and “judges have tossed out his lawsuits this month in several battleground states.” Shades of the “Voting Integrity Commission” in 2017, which was quietly disbanded a year later after finding zilch.
In fact, Democrats involved in this undertaking did everything they could to block the commission from accomplishing anything.

So now, with 10 weeks to go in the Trump presidency, “why are Republicans sticking by this one-term washout and refusing to acknowledge that we’re about to have a new president?” The answer is that 71+ million Americans voted for Trump, despite the “worst public health crisis in a century,” and Biden didn’t really win a mandate – even though he may wind up beating Trump by four percentage points in the popular vote. It’s hard to argue that “voters handed him or Democrats a political mandate” given the worse than predicted congressional race results.

Barring a Democratic victory in both Senate runoffs in Georgia, McConnell will stay on as Senate majority leader and be able “to reprise his Obama-era role as human roadblock, stifling whatever he wants.” Biden tax plan – gun controls - renewable energy – maybe block a Supreme Court replacement for Stephen Breyer (now 82) even longer than he was able to block Merrick Garland’s appointment in 2016.
Why is the prospect of legislative gridlock a “tragedy,” if that’s what the voters decided?
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