States: Voting smooth despite Trump claims (Christina Cassidy et al.)

News Journal – “In stark contrast to the baseless claims of fraud being leveled by President Donald Trump following his defeat, the “2020 elections unfolded smoothly across the country and without any widespread irregularities according to state officials and election experts.” Record early voting (107 million people) facilitated Election Day operations. There were no incidents of violence at the polls or voter intimidation.

“The 2020 general election was one of the smoothest and most well-run elections that we have ever seen, and that is remarkable considering all the challenges,” said Ben Hovland, a Democrat appointed by Trump to serve on the federal Election Assistance Commission.

The story doesn't say who was raising challenges or what the challenges were about. No critics are mentioned by name other than President Trump, and although Republican lawmakers have said the president should be allowed to launch legal challenges, it seems that many of them “have already been turned away by judges, and those that remain do not include evidence of problems that would change the outcome of the race.”

In Wisconsin, top election official Meagan Wolfe said there were no problems with the election reported to her office and no complaints filed alleging any irregularities.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel painted a similar picture, saying there were no “instances of irregularities in the process of counting the votes, only evidence-free allegations, wild speculation and conspiracy theories.” What about the numerous affidavits of voter fraud in Wayne County, MI [Detroit] alone?

In Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (a Republican) announced an audit of presidential election results that will trigger a full hand recount – not due to the Trump campaign’s call for a hand recount but “simply due to the national significance and closeness of this race.”

Long before the election, Trump “railed against mail voting despite a long history of mail ballots being used successfully in this country.” But in states that expanded mail-in voting and were won by Trump, e.g., Montana, Nebraska, and North Dakota, the president is not complaining about the results.
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