Biden chooses Wilmington center for stump speech (Karl Baker)

News Journal - Venue: William “Hicks” Anderson Center, a gymnasium at a Wilmington community center. Subject: the country’s struggles with racial economic inequality. Audience: “mostly national reporters.”

Biden claimed to be representing the sentiments of local faith leaders that he met with recently at the Bethel AME Church. They shared with him a sense that “the deck is stacked” in “our justice system, our healthcare system, our politics, our economy.” And earlier in the day, his campaign had unveiled an economic recovery plan that asserts “Black and Latino Americans, Native Americans, immigrants and women have never been welcomed as full participants in the economy.”
Hmm, who does this leave out?

Plan calls for increased spending to support manufacturing, childcare, clean energy infrastructure, and more investments in communities where people of color reside. In Biden’s remarks, he also called for (a) the expungement of criminal records for marijuana use, and (b) Federal Reserve consideration of racial disparities in its [monetary policy] actions.

Biden spoke of “restoring peace” in urban centers that have experienced protests of late, while accusing the president of stoking “division and chaos” as “a political strategy to revive a failing campaign.” He declined to say whether he had chosen a vice-presidential candidate,
but that will reportedly be announced next week.

Trump spokesman Michael Joyce blamed the protests on policies of the Obama administration and claimed that President Trump’s actions, such as supporting the recently enacted criminal justice reform bill, have “delivered results that matter for the black community.”

Joyce is quoted that Biden has refused “to condone the ongoing rioting and violence in Portland.”
Should the quote have read "condemn"? We sent Karl Baker an e-mail, and he said he would reach out to Joyce on the matter.
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