Trump supporters . . . protest Joe Biden at DNC in Delaware (Esteban Parra et al.)

News Journal (expanded to include details only provided in the on-line report): Protest activity began hours before Joe Biden’s acceptance speech, with “more than 100 protestors” involved. They marched toward the Chase Center carrying anti-Biden & pro-Trump signs, assembled in the nearby parking lot to express their sentiments, and eventually retreated to another location when informed by police that the parking lot was private property.

Sound bites: (1) Sam Chick, chair of the Delaware Young Republicans, (2) Rob Arlett, head of the Delaware Trump campaign, and (3) Phil Giordano, Wilmington (who claimed Biden is a “double talker”).

Other activity: (1) Several billboard box trucks drove around on Market Street and in the Riverfront area to publicize messages like “Sleepy Joe Biden” and Kamala Harris’s former support of Tara Reade’s sexual assault charge against Biden. (2) An airplane flew overhead towing a “JOE BIDEN IS LOSING IT – VOTE TRUMP 2020” banner.

Funding: (1) “Some anti-Biden messaging appeared to be funded by big-money national organizations supporting the president”; (2) “The trucks were paid for by Turning Point Action, a pro-Trump political campaigning organization fueled by conservative activist Charlie Kirk.”

Comment: The thrust of this coverage seems to be painting the protestors as extremists and/or pathetic losers, but they apparently didn’t break any laws or engage in improper behavior. Also, the first funding source comment is offered without any supporting discussion or facts, and one has to wonder who these “big-money national organizations” are supposed to be. Turning Point Action is, so far as we know, a genuinely “grass roots” group.
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