Carper: Trump is afraid of losing to Biden (Meredith Newman)

The issue in the Senate trial of the impeachment charges, according to Sen. Carper at a Friday press conference (one day after Biden and other senators were sworn in to participate in the proceeding), is “whether this president sought to bribe another president of another country to come up with dirt, essentially to falsify the case of one of his primary opponents.” And a related thought was Trump’s supposed fear of losing to Biden.

As for details of the trial, “we do need to hear from folks who have information about the charges.” Carper’s list included the four witnesses Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been asking for – none of whom testified in the House prior to impeachment charges being passed - namely former National Security Adviser John Bolton, Robert Blair, Michael Duffy & acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney - plus Lev Parnas, a Ukraine “fixer” who was recently interviewed by Rachel Maddow and claims the president was fully aware of everything Parnas and Rudy Guiliani were doing in the Ukraine in an effort to get the authorities there to investigate alleged corruption of Hunter Biden.

Sen. Carper is described as “trying very hard” to be an impartial juror in this proceeding, and is quoted to the effect that “the president has a right to a fair trial, including the right of presumed innocence.” Like Sen. Chris Coons, he has reportedly “expressed support for an impeachment inquiry, but stopped short of saying the president should be removed from office.”

What would make the Senate trial fair? Carper said the testimony of Hunter Biden would be irrelevant to the trial, and he apparently didn’t mention any other witnesses that the president and his legal team might be entitled to call. There was also no indication of just how long this proceeding is likely to last.
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